We proudly make our homemade super-premium ice cream in house right here at Charlie’s Bakery & Creamery. What is SUPER-PREMIUM ICE CREAM? To be considered super-premium, the ice cream has an overrun of less than 50%. Let’s talk about ice cream overrun. Ice cream overrun refers to the amount of air pushed into the ice cream while it is being made. Standard overrun for ice cream is around 100%, which means that the ice cream is made with one part air to every one-part cream. Charlie’s overrun is always less than 50%!


The lower the overrun, the creamier, smoother, and richer the ice cream tastes. Less air translates to fewer ice crystals, and fewer ice crystals means you get that melt-in-your-mouth creaminess that we serve here at Charlie’s.

But low overrun isn’t the only requirement for super-premium ice cream. The ice cream must contain at least 14% butterfat. The rich content of butterfat adds to the creamy texture and the rich taste that super-premium ice creams are famous for. Yes, we said famous!

To take ice cream up, up, and away to homemade super-premium ice cream, you must have less air which translates to fewer ice crystals and fewer ice crystals with the addition of more butterfat, and you’ll will have richer, creamer and the smoothest out of this world ice cream that you will ever taste.

Charlie’s formula is simple, yet intentional to bring you the best homemade super-premium ice cream in Orlando!  We have less air, more butterfat the freshest ingredients and the end results are a richer, creamier and the smoothest ice cream you will ever have!

The Charlie’s family has a love of all things baked and churned! So much thought and heart go into the creation of flavors and the making of our super-premium ice cream. Throughout history ice cream has celebrated sweet moments, life’s achievements, milestones; it makes memories.

We hope you will stop in and let our super-premium ice cream to take up, up, and away!

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