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2023 Conecon Award Winning Flavors!

Concern 2023 Awards

Nationally Recognized, Award Winning Super-Premium Ice Cream in the heart of Orlando, FL

Charlie’s Bakery & Creamery attended the largest ice cream competition in the United States – the annual Conecon Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada hosted by the North American Ice Cream Association. Charlie’s returned with several awards, including; TOP SCORING Blue Ribbon Winner for our Strawberry Ice Cream, 2nd Highest Overall Score Blue Ribbon Winner for our Vanilla Ice Cream and Red Ribbon Winner for our Chocolate Ice Cream.

What does the TOP SCORING Blue Ribbon Winner mean? Simple – rated 1st place and overall winner of all the Strawberry Ice Cream’s submitted from around the country!

What does the 2nd Highest Overall Score Blue Ribbon Winner mean? Our Vanilla Ice Cream was rated the 2nd highest out of all the Vanilla Ice Cream’s submitted nationwide.

You can taste these award winning super-premium ice cream flavors all in one by ordering our Award Winning Flight!

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What makes us the best bakery in Orlando?

The best bakery in Orlando

It’s not just our mouthwatering, top-quality cakes, cheesecakes, cupcakes, pies, pastries, cookies, brownies, super premium ice cream (including dairy-free options!), and other goodies. It’s also our unwavering dedication to customer service and satisfaction.

It’s the countless holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, dinner parties, and other special occasions and gatherings we’ve sweetened in Central Florida with our menu and customized items over the last six decades.

It’s the endless big, broad, glowing smiles brought on by a bite. It’s our deep roots in the community, beginning as a family business in Orlando in 1971 and still run by an Orlando native and Boone High School alumnus who grew up savoring Charlie’s treats.

It’s coming together over the little indulgences that make life so sweet.

“This is a fantastic bakery!! The eclairs are awesome!! The cheesecakes, pie in a cup, cookies and more are delicious. Great place to get a treat!!”



“They did an amazing job on our wedding cake. I let Rachel take the reigns and do what she thought would be best and she exceeded my expectations! The cake was stunning and absolutely delicious. We normally buy our birthday cakes from here and always get the strawberry shortcake. We decided to try something different for the wedding and it was delicious! Top layer was chocolate mousse and bottom layer was Italian rum. We actually ran out of cake at the reception.”



“This is my favorite Orlando bakery. Everyone there is so nice and more than willing to help with any request – no matter how small (even writing Happy Birthday on an Eclair). Their pastries are to die for and they were all operating safely wearing masks! I wish i could give them more than 5 stars!”



“Simply the best. Reminds me of the old style New England bakery of my youth. Best quality
ingredients. The selection of incredibly fresh daily made offerings is amazing. The people who are there are wonderful people. Surely a jem”



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